about gluten free b


Gluten Free B was set up to document the gluten free adventures of coeliac, Carly ‘B’ Talbot, her gluten eating husband (GEH) and new arrival Baby A (who has a suspected cows milk protein allergy).

Originally set up to review the ‘glutenfreeability‘ restaurants in an around London, we have expanded the blog to include a range of regular features including:

We take a lot of pride in making our site well-researched, easy to navigate, and above all, jam-packed with interesting gluten free content you won’t find elsewhere. We hope that this blog will add to the information on the interweb in helping other Londoners and visitors to enjoy nice meals out, as well as captivating you with some of the less commonly answered questions of the gluten free world. More is more!

carlystripesAbout B

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease at the age of 25. I am a life long foodie, now living in Windsor and commuting to Central London for work. I enjoy travelling, kite surfing, skiing and excellent digital marketing. To date I own 5 pairs of spectacles.

B’s Golden Rules of Social Media

  • Don’t tweet your breakfast
  • No blogs for freebies
  • If it wasn’t interesting, don’t blog
  • Critical’s ok, but be constructive
  • No copying
  • Never talk about work
  • Beware the overshare
  • With great blogs come great responsibility: try to help before trashing a business
If you’d like to get in touch about how Gluten Free B can help you (or your business) it’s best to reach us on twitter, facebook, linked in, or via the comments on this blog.