about gluten free b


Hello! Gluten Free B is a round up of the free from adventures of coeliac, Carly B, her gluten eating husband (GEH) and daughter A (who has cows’ milk and egg allergies).

The ‘free from’ blogosphere is a crowded place indeed! You can rely on my blog for:

  • Well-researched, plain English articles about the world of coeliac and ‘free from’
  • Coverage of the ‘lesser known’ issues in the world of special diets including medical research, food manufacturing and marketing, informed by my professional background in marketing consultancy and the healthcare industry
  • A healthy dose of cynicism, and an open mind
  • Coeliactivism – including our annual #fruitisnotapudding campaign!

Like any free-from foodie, I also love celebrating great food products and service; and creating and photographing my colourful culinary inventions – you’ll find that over on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

tZe2Dny_About B

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2009. I am a life long foodie, now living in Windsor and commuting to Central London for work. I enjoy travelling, kite surfing, skiing and excellent digital marketing.

If you’d like to get in touch about how Gluten Free B can help you (or your business) it’s best to reach me on twitter, facebook, linked in, or via the comments on this blog.