Bread to Bread: Crumpets

Who doesn’t love a bit of crumpet?! Well, until recently, coeliacs didn’t, but now we are able to chose from two products to satisfy our elevenses hankerings! Second breakfast will never be the same again. Which fared best in our ‘trademark’ Bread to Bread challenge? Crumpets from Genius or Marks & Spencer? Get your lashings of butter ready…


I’ll be honest, it’s been so blinking long since I had a normal crumpet, I only vaguely remember what they *should* be like! Cue advice from the interwebs on what makes a perfect crumpet! We reckon it is:

  • A good honeycomb structure
  • Light and fluffy texture
  • Butter Absorb-ability
  • Flavour
  • Cost per crumpet

Nice bit of crumpet: Genius
£2.19 for 4 from Asda
I have a love/hate relationship with Genius, so wasn’t expecting to like these, but it seems that their proficiency at holes in bread (cough) also translates to crumpets, with yummy consequences! These have a really good honeycomb to them, and were crisp on the outside and light and fluffy when toasted. They are dairy free, but I added a lump of proper butter which dutifully soaked all the way through to the bottom –  it’s not a proper crumpet if you don’t get messy fingers!  The downsides were that they were a little oily to touch when pulled out of their somewhat medicinal packaging, and the flavour is somewhat yeasty; but all in all an excellent bit of crumpet.
GF Nomability: 8/10

Crumbs, Pet: Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat
£1.79  for 4 from Marks & Spencer
We’re off to a bad start – they feel like little spongy bricks, and suffer from the classic gluten-free problem of not toasting very well (they are either warmed up or burnt); however despite being a little ‘cakey’ in texture, the bubbles are there and they have a gluteny stretch to the dough and a nice moisture.  The flavour is better than the Genius crumpet – faintly sweet and ricey – so not a bad product.
GF Nomability: 6/10

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7 responses to “Bread to Bread: Crumpets

  1. My favourite crumpet is without doubt Livwell’s. Sadly much harder to find since Genius entered the market with their crumbly, oily-tasting offering. Give these a go, I reckon they’d come out top of the charts in flavour, texture and even calories at only 110 each! Waitrose is a good place to hunt them down. Can we get them back in Asda??

      • Oh that’s interesting. I did wonder if that was the case but you can still buy the Livwell brand and they definitely taste different (read: better) to me!

      • Will definitely keep an eye out for them then! Interesting decision for them to maintain the brand and launch their own competing product – very strange!

  2. I have tried the M&S ones but not the Genius ones yet. Needed a lot of jam on the M&S ones and a few goes in the toaster to get it crispy. Worth buying but not quite as good as normal crumpets.

    • As so often is the case with these gluten free alternatives..! My memory is so foggy of the ‘normal’ ones…

  3. Thanks for the tips, my family all had crumpets for Saturday tea with melted cheese and baked beans on. Was one of my favourite quick and easy teas before diagnosis so looking forward to trying these. As ever, the price point hurts when you can get a pack of 12 crumpets for less than a quid, but hey ho!

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