Gluten Eaters Review: Udi’s

1377141_10151970721049207_582576118_nTo coincide with the UK launch of their products, the folks at Udi’s kindly sent over a generous selection of samples. Regular readers of the blog will know that freebies normally cause me to have a mini moral-wibble. Is it possible to be impartial and critical about free goodies? Our way of solving this is to test them out on some willing (cough) volunteers – and for these particular sweet treats, who better than my gluten-eating teenage brother and his friend? Both of whom must surely have more recent memories of gluten-containing sugary snacks than me?

Harry and Gabe tested out the Chocolate Chip and Toffee Muffins, as well as the Toaster Pastries to see how they held up to the discerning, if not loquacious palettes of two 16 year olds.

But my hair isn't done!

But my hair isn’t done!

Chocolate Chip & Toffee Muffins
First up, the muffins. We hadn’t realised that these weren’t double-flavoured muffins, but one of each! Quite a nice idea. One was packed with chocolate chips, the other had a small gooey-looking toffee bit in the middle. After a mini-dilemma about whether the hairstyles were ready to be photographed for the blogosphere, I probed for some comments. “I preferred the chocolate one” volunteered Gabe. And? Harry was more forthcoming “If you hadn’t told me these were gluten-free, I wouldn’t have known”. Perhaps the highest praise a gluten-free product could get! They were polished off pretty quickly anyway – I think that’s a good verdict.
GF Nomability: 9/10

Apple & Cinnamon Toaster Pastries
For round two I ambushed Harry at breakfast (well, teenage breakfast so nearly lunch time) with promises of “try these, they’re like pop tarts!”. He picked the Apple & Cinnamon flavour to try. I hovered nervously as he navigated my gluten-free toaster. “They’re a bit crumbly” he said as he struggled to get the pastry out of the machine. Yup – sounds like a gluten free product to me! Once we’d retrieved the pastry he was more complimentary. “Very apply, nice and sweet”. How did it compare to an actual Pop Tart? “Different, but good”. To prove the point he took the rest home and was observed eating them voluntarily in his natural habitat the next day. I think that was a hit.
GF Nomability: 8.5/10 “a tad crumbly”

The Udi’s products are available to buy from selected branches of Tesco. Check their website for stockists near you.

To see what my gluten-eating friends and family thought of other GF goods check out our write-ups on Porridge Pots, Lagers, Mince Pies and The Rebel Bakery

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