Bread to Bread: Granola

Ah granola, my deceptive breakfast friend. Many kid themselves that they are picking a diet-friendly start to the day with those innocuous clusters of fruit and wholesome oats; but once we’ve packed our bowls full these sugary noms we often end up eating more calories than a buttery bacon sandwich!

That’s not to say gluten free b doesn’t like granola – we just try to consume it sparingly, a sprinkle on top of sensible bran, or to add a little crunch to yogurt and fruit. We try anyway. With so many delicious gluten free ones to try now, sneaky big handfuls find their way into my tum between meals.  Which is our favourite when it comes to the ‘crunch’?

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B’s Pick: Nature’s Path Nice and Nobbly Pumpkin and Raisin Granola

Nature's Path: Wins for clusteryness

Nature’s Path: Wins for clusteryness

£3.00 from Tesco
This is an excellent new product, with lots of interesting flavours coming through from these absolutely *giant* clusters! There is a good amount of coconut, and just the right amount of fruit which means you get a superb crunch from the mix of grains with the occasional fruity chew, this was the breakfast I preferred with just milk, and didn’t want to end.
Overall GF Nomability: 8.5/10

The Virtue Award: Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola

£4.59 from Ocado
Pow! Check out that product name! I’m somewhat reminded of an excitable advertisement for some kind of extreme cleaning product. Maybe that’s what they were going for, because of all the products, this one tastes the best for you. It’s decidedly less sweet and a little more chewy than the others, and does have a certain ‘wholesomeness’ to its flavour – tasting much more of fruit than sugar, but it’s nonetheless very nice – hearty and satisfying. It makes a perfect complement for fruit and yogurt to add a bit of (ahem) motility to your breakfast. Just as well you don’t need much, because it’s a little on the pricey side.
Overall GF Nomability: 6/10

Virtuous, but pricey: Bakery on Main

Virtuous, but pricey: Bakery on Main

The ‘is it really breakfast?’ award: Glebe Farm Maple & Pecan Granola

Naughty but nice: Glebe Farm

Naughty but nice: Glebe Farm

£3.49 from Ocado
Too yummy for it’s own good, this one. It’s very sweet, almost like a flapjack disguised as a breakfast. Perfect for a weekend treat – if it lasts until the weekend. I found myself stealing handfuls all week! It has a good crunch from the puffed rice, and decent sized clusters, hiding chunks of pecan. I also loved the ‘artisan’ paper packaging and lack of cereal dust at the end of the packet. Definitely not a health product, but totally delicious. Buy the strawberry version and you might be able to pretend it is :)
Overall GF Nomability: 8/10

Of course, if you like more control over your sugars, or don’t dig on gluten free oats, you can always make your own as the lovely gluten free Helen does.

How the granolas crunch up:

Glebe Farm Bakery on Main Nature’s Path
Calories per 100g 487 kcal 439 kcal 470 kcal
Fibre per 100g 5.3g 16g 6.6g
£ per 100g 93p £1.35 96p
Flavour 9 7 9
Crunch 7 6 8
Clusteryness 8 6 9
What a recommended 30g portion really looks like - I'll take 2 please!

What a recommended 30g portion really looks like – I’ll take 2 please!

6 responses to “Bread to Bread: Granola

  1. I gave up cereal a while ago when I realised my first meal of the day has so much sugar in it. Now I go for protein options. Yummy eggs!

    I’ve heard that gluten free things can also contain more sugar in food you’d class as healthy (or just food that isn’t cake). As some items taste a little like cardboard without gluten, the sugar masks this. So check the labels!

    • Thanks for comment! Yes lots of gluten free alternatives contain more sugar- fat too, especially in breads and baked products. Wish I had time to make eggs every morning!

  2. Ahhh so glad i’m not the only one who can be caught with a hand in the granola bag outside breakfast time! Puts to waste my measuring out the requisite piddly max 30gr portion. Totally agree that granola is for sprinkling on fruit and yogurt for added crunch factor but still I only have it as an occasional treat due to my inability to resist inter-breakfast snacking. But when it is treat time, it’s definitely Nature’s Path berry and yogurt variety for me. Mmmmm.

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