The Quality Chop House, Farringdon Road

I can’t tell you much you haven’t read in the national press about The Quality Chop House. The unpretentious (if occasionally rough around the edges)  dishes lived up to the high expectations set by numerous glowing reviews. It’s senseless for me to recount each of the five courses, as the set, no choice menu changes daily; but particular highlights were the richly red smoked ox heart ‘snack’ I had in place of the (comparatively boring) crab rarebit GEH was served, and the hearty platter of braised brisket and pink longhorn beef. Yep, I ate an ox heart. That practically makes me Khaleesi of Clerkenwell, right? I’m forgetting the perfectly proportioned crispy belly pork with buttery fennel we had for starter, so yes, the meat- it’s gooood. Somewhat gamey, occasionally ofally. Yum.

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From a gluten free perspective it was delightful to be told they would ‘happily’ cater for any allergies or special diets, and I was given delicious alternatives to the gluten-containing dishes; including a proper pudding (rice pudding made with long rice and blood orange marmalade). They clearly knew their stuff, and were well prepared for my booking, bringing gluteny garnishes in separate dishes and putting real thought in to alternative dishes that complemented the rest of the menu. The only slight let down was there was no alternative to the bread basket, and nothing to accompany the zingy British cheeses leading to sticky fingers. Some celery or crackers would have been nice.

Annoyingly the wine bar area, which serves an a la carte menu, is walk-ins only (you’ll be lucky), and the steady stream of people turned away included a couple who were unprepared to share the newly-cushioned wooden booth with us (expected if you are a party of two). It’s also a shame that mismatched Wedgewood crockery and vintage milk bottles are so ubiquitous in London haunts these days because this place should really have the monopoly on it- it’s a faithful update to this ‘progressive working class caterers’- they didn’t deserve my chintz-fatigue.

Otherwise QCH serve the best glass of wine I have had in London for £4, and the service is friendly to a fault. I’m a little bit sorry that everyone’s discovered our local- we’ll definitely be back, if I remember to book!

5 courses with wine was about £50 a head.

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

GF ability: 9/10


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