Meat People, Islington Green

meatpeopleAt the Clerkenwell end of Islington we’re spoiled for gluten free choice, but the no man’s land between Angel and Upper Street has less well served for some time, until now. Welcome to Angel, Meat People. One of an increasing number of restaurants that does one (or few) things well; and with it takes some of the risk away for coeliacs.

Occupying the site of the former S&M cafe on Islington Green, they have faithfully restored some of the original features of the old diner, and added some fun 1920s touches and lighting that will be sure to please the trendies, including a menu of classic but well-executed cocktails.

Rave reviews from around the table about the small portions of scallops to start, but I kept it simple with a nice medium-rare rump steak which was succulent and well-seasoned. Joyfully chips were on the menu too as they are fried separately so I felt far from hard-done-by, especially when chomping my way through the fresh chimichurri and sipping on the yummy toffee-flavoured Malbec.

A good, solid choice that we’re pleased to welcome to Angel. A little on the pricey side, but I think this is a safe gluten-free bet.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
GF Ability: 8/10 – sadly no gluten free menu or bread, but knowledgeable staff

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