Baltic, Blackfriars Road

I suspect that the Official Gluten-Eating Husband (GEH) has some eastern European ancestry hidden somewhere, because nothing makes him happier than anything pickled, smoked or made into a dumpling; especially if there’s beetroot on the side; so I booked Baltic as a treat for him. I was a little nervous having survived my trips to Poland and Lithuania largely on room service tomato soup, but I needn’t have been – the cheery waiter handled my diet expertly, immediately handing me a menu they had prepared with all of my (many) options marked on them.

Ordering made simple at Baltic

Ordering made simple at Baltic

These days I’m unused to choice, so the menu which is a whistlestop tour of anywhere east of Germany and north of the Mediterranean  was somewhat overwhelming. Figs cosy up next to okra whilst most of the dishes are more classic northern-European fare including cured meats, game, and yes – beetroot. Sadly the blinis and dumplings are off limits for coeliacs, but if you follow the recommendation to punctuate your courses with frozen mini carafes of delicious home-flavoured vodkas (plum and chilli, lemongrass); you won’t feel like you missed out.

The food is good and honest –  hearty rather than refined, and no fun for vegetarians at all, but brilliant for us carnivores. I whet my appetite with a hot smoked salmon dressed in just the right amount of tingly horseradish cream then tucked into a Flintstones-sized pork shank on a bed of tangy sauerkraut. I enjoyed stealing GEH’s beef carpaccio, and he told me his veal was meltingly tender. You won’t need sides.

All in all, excellent value with a very buzzy atmosphere that starts from pre-theatre (Old Vic is just round the corner) and no doubt continues late in their funky bar with exciting cocktail list.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
GF-Ability: 9/10 – the only thing missing was something GF when they came round with the rye bread

Two courses with a cocktail, vodka and wine was £50 pp


One response to “Baltic, Blackfriars Road

  1. Glad you enjoyed! This is one of my favourite restaurants in London and I’ve been there a lot in the last goodness knows how many years for a fix of the beloved (adopted) Motherland. Being the vodka fiend I am, I think the cocktails in the bar are great too. I really appreciate the fact my menu is always marked up in advance – just as yours in the photo above – with what’s suitable.

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