The Gate, St. John Street

Gluten-free and vegetarian? I know, right?! All of the sceptics will be surprised to hear that The Gate pulls off both, with tasty consequences. The menu is eclectic, ranging across Asia (wasabi potato cakes), the Middle East (falafels, mezze) and Mexico (tortillas – sadly not GF) for its dishes; but as the GEH pointed out: vegetarianism forces ingredient innovation – something I’m well familiar with from my weekly veg box (what on earth should I do with a black salsify?!)

Yummy, sweet & savoury green banana fritters

There was a good selection of gluten-free dishes (especially from the starters and mezze menu) and what we ended up with from The Gate was was satisfying and colourful in equal measures; beautifully presented and enjoyed all the more for the surprising Tuesday night buzz.

I was also delighted to see gluten-free dishes clearly labelled on the menu, but ever-paranoid I double checked with the waitress about cross-contamination, and was glad I did. Apparently it is normal practice to fry the GF dishes with the other ones. A near miss (they happily cooked mine separately after I asked), but given the amount of frustrations I’ve had with GF labelling since the law changed, I contacted The Gate for clarification and to explain the new law. You can see part of their response below. Sadly yet another example of confusion caused for coeliacs by the new labelling laws – it’s still vital that you clarify with a restaurant that you must avoid even a trace of gluten in your food even if they do use the ‘Gluten Free’ label, as its all too often used incorrectly.

GF Ability: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 8/10

Dinner for two with wine was £60. There is another branch in Hammersmith.

Response from The Gate:

“many of the dishes on our menu that require deep-frying, are done so in the same oil…whenever we have special requests – i.e for gluten-, diary- or egg free dishes, people with coeliacs, nut allergies, etc – special care is taken to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur and our chefs prepare and serve the dishes without coming in contact with any other foods or ingredients”

The Gate have not yet confirmed whether they intend to change the labelling on their menu.

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