North Road, St. John’s Street

I’m sorry to report that since writing this review, North Road has closed.

My second visit to North Road, and I hadn’t intended to blog, but just had to share some of the delights I found there! Let’s just say that it pays to warn ahead that you are gluten free, I didn’t last time and had a marvellous time. This time I did, and was astounded by the care, attention and effort that staff had made to present me with beautiful gluten free food.

A lot has moved on for North Road since I last visited: a Michelin star and the departure of the chef included. I still worry about the viability of restaurants in this lovely corner of Clerkenwell – it’s a lovely place but we’ve seen so many eateries come and go  – even for a Tuesday things were quiet.

Despite the tranquility, we didn’t feel uncomfortable. The staff were welcoming and the main dishes were still top notch stuff, managing to be both earthy and dainty simultaneously, and I could have had anything adapted, but what stood out were the treats between courses- ‘snacks’.

Crisp quinoa crackers came scattered with delicate petals, curious bright pink boiled quails eggs looked like sweeties in a nest of hay. Gluten free bread was served in an understated canvas pouch with a splurge of tangy buttermilk butter on slate. (There’s a lot of buttermilk on the menu).

Delicate little quinoa crackers for ‘snacks’

The sorbet course is rarely something to write about, but despite being one of many buttermilk dishes on the menu, buttermilk sorbet with frozen celery was just wow – so light, heady and refreshing.

Scottish scallops, carrot, sea buckthorn and buttermilk snow

The piece de la resistance was quite the biggest petit four I have ever seen. Nothing was ‘petit’ about the candy floss tree which came sprinkled with baby fennel leaf and planted in specially prepared gluten free edible chocolate soil. Yes, a tree. GEH’s had a breadstick trunk, mine: a real stick. That’s some preparation. The first time I have giggled in delight and surprise at my dinner.

Just me hanging out with my surprise tree. You can eat the soil!

GF Ability: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10

Dinner for two with wine was £150

When fruit is a pudding – Kentish strawberries

2 responses to “North Road, St. John’s Street

  1. Wow your meal looks and sounds quite amazing! What wonderful attention to detail too. It’s heartening to hear of a restaurant that’s prepared to go out of their way to ensure your meal was as as good as glutened one and possible better? The candy floss tree with edible soil is inspired!

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