• woodenspoon

    Announcing the 2015 Sad Banana Awards #FruitIsNotAPudding

    Ah Christmas, the wonderful time of year when office party venues across the country suffer the mass delusion that a plate of out-of-season tropical fruit chunks are a worthy gluten free

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  • rasel

    Moroccan Spiced Stuffed Buns

    This recipe was shortlisted in the Pure Bake Dairy Free contest. Sadly we didn’t win, but T is glad – he not only loved the buns, but doesn’t have to

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  • Toddler-Friendly Sweet Potato Biscuits (GF DF EF SyF NF V Vg)

    I wrote a book

    Somewhat shyly, I have something to tell you. I’ve written a book! I didn’t set out to, it just sort of happened. I guess that adage about ‘everyone having a

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  • DSC_0318

    Gluten Free Windsor

    If you’re visiting Windsor to see the castle, or passing through on the way to Legoland, fear not, Your friendly neighbourhood coeliac is here with a round up of your

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